Extra services to help you learn German more quickly and more effectively

As well as teaching face-to-face I provide a range of extras.

Lesson notes on USB or via e-mail

I create lesson notes for every tuition session or class, which you can copy to a USB drive or I can e-mail them to you.

Audio notes

I can also record audio notes for every lesson, so you can hear pronunciations and spoken exercises. I can record these on your mobile phone auf dein Handy – or record them myself and e-mail them to you.

Personalised exercises via learning app

I can provide personalised exercises via a learning app. It’s a new and different way to learn and practice German.

Study reminders

Some students ask me for study reminders, which I can send out via e-mail between lessons. They can include short exercises based on recent work.


I have extra German language resources including videos, e-books and study cards of my own, as well as a bank of materials from other sources.

‘Chat Fluently’ online course

I’m developing my unique ‘Chat Fluently in German’ course, and I am already using parts of it with my students.

More online courses

More online courses in German language are in planning, and existing students will have free access to them as I complete them.

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