German language 121 tuition and courses, Stockport, Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire


My name’s Aidan and I help people to learn German at all levels.

In language teaching and in life, I do things differently! – Ich mache es anders!

I think of myself as a coach rather than just a tutor. Coach is the word they use in Germany for what I do:

  • One-to-one tuition in German language
  • GCSE and A level German private tuition
  • Beginner and intermediate evening classes in German
  • General and business German in-company training

In addition to this, I produce creative media to supplement my coaching:

  • YouTube videos on aspects of German grammar and vocabulary
  • E-books on German language and language learning in general
  • My language and culture blog focusing on German words and phrases.
  • Online courses on grammar and vocabulary are currently in development.

Please note, I like to embed my English with useful German words and phrases – nützliche Wörter und Phrasen auf Deutsch so you can easily learn new vocabulary as you read.

Experience, enthusiasm and commitment

I’m one of the most experienced and enthusiastic German language tutors around and I have helped countless adults, young and not so young, to learn and improve in in this amazing language.

I always travel to the home or office of the student, usually on public transport or by e-bike – mit dem Pedelec

I am deeply committed to helping people to learn German. In today’s fragmented world, language learning – Sprachlernen – is more important than ever. People need to escape from what I call the ‘English monolingual ghetto’.

Reasons to learn German

Learning any language is good, but today there are many reasons why more and more people need to learn German. I’m here to help you! – Ich bin da, um euch zu helfen!

My aim is not just to offer fun and interactive lessons but also to create a framework to help people learn by offering a number of extraszusätzliche Diensleistungen!

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