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Learn German with Aidan and join hundreds of students who have enjoyed and made progress in German at all levels.

I am more than just a tutor. I prefer to call myself ‘coach’ which is the word they often use in German – auf Deutsch!.

I provide extra support, all included in the tuition fee – extra notes at the end of teach lesson, both written and audio, extra study updates via e-mail between lessons, extra materials written, audio and video from a very large archive, my own German language videos, my regular newsletter ‘The Magic of German Words’, personalised material to practice in an app (the excellent Quizlet) and (soon) self-contained online courses on different areas of German language.

People say I make language learning fun, maybe that’s because I find language teaching fun.

I don’t pretend it’s quick and easy, but with my help and support, I think you will find learning German easier than learning on your own.

Extra services to help you learn German more quickly and more effectively

I provide Written notes for every lesson. These build up into a very valuable revision guide.
Study updates e-mailed between lessons with short exercises and reminders. Personalised exercises to practice on the Quizlet app, similar to Duolingo. Regular newsletters on learning German as well as tips travel and culture. The Magic of German words, a blog to help you build vocab, in English, embedded with German. Self-contained online courses you can study at your own pace (currently in development).

Videos on German Language and Culture presented by Aidan

I have made some videos on aspects of German language and culture and hope to make more. In time I would like to build up a YouTube channel. Here is a selection of what I have produced so far. These videos are free for everyone to access and I’ve made them to help everyone to learn and appreciate German language and culture.

Online courses in various aspects of German grammar and language

For some time I’ve been planning online courses and I am not far off launching the first one. All private students of mine have free access to these courses. Others can study them individually subject to a free. They will be hosted on various platforms, including Skillshare or my own online courses site (still to be launched).

Here are the courses in planning:

Chat fluently in German
A unique course based on your own personalised content. Lessons include recordings with native speakers as well as lessons on grammar, conversation topics, etiquette and culture.

Step by step approach to the cases in German
Using the cases correctly in German is a challenge to most students and can sometimes be difficult for native speakers. In this course I approach this subject in a jargon-busting way that’s fun and enjoyable. It contains many tips and hacks to improve your use of the German cases, which are not as difficult as you think!

Grammar for language learners – the grammar you never learned at school
Many language learners complain that they never learned grammar properly at school. That’s because it has been neglected in favour of a less structured and more intuitive approach to teaching the native language. In this course I take a fresh approach to grammar, busting jargon and debunking myths. After studying this course you will find it easier to understand grammar in German and all other languages.


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